Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hello all, been quite a while since my last post.Have had many problems that have lead to this and no one wants excuses,so I'm offering none,nuff said !I hope to attend the NSRA event in Louisville Ky.I'm a proud Uncle of two wonderful young adults, Stacey and her brother Garrett.Stacey is married to a great guy,Keith and they have a cool family !Garrett is single, atta- boy ,ha ha ,he is a film maker, director ,writer and will be in Louisville filming the event with a team of dedicated people .The company he works for has filmed this event for several years.This should be a must see awesome event for any car nut!I've been to it many times, have seem up to 14k cars scattered about the grounds,not to count all the vendors with in the nice air conditioned buildings!Also they have a hudge swap meet with parts ,tools and cars.Boy this is so cool!Check it out ! Or buy the DVD from the NSRA , it will convince you to come on down .

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hello all I've been in hibernation for quite a while, I've had several surgeries.This has kept me from doing much work ,and as a result my blogging has suffered also, it is a habit that I just felt gave up on ! Well I'm attempting to ease back to the Blog-o-sphere ! Had a few art projects an more work and efforts have gotten us closer on Alberts 55 Ford truck so please stay tuned .... Hope I can remember how to do this Shis-Nit !,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Up coming car shows

Ahh ,as summer winds down the shows start to pick up a bit . September is a good month for these activity's, starting with the Collierville police show at Central Church on Saturday the 17th, a great show with a good variety of cars and it is very family friendly. The same week end Friday - Saturday in conjunction with the Smokin Aces BBQ contest Koss MOtorsports presents their professional style show with drifting and an abundance of classes to fit all cars. This show awards money along with trophys.Both shows have their merits and will be fun for all !
The Memphis Street Rods ,Delta River Crusin is a must see! This is the 12th annual it, is a great show with a lot to do and see ,Sept.23-25 . Sams Town Casino host this gathering so get lucky and come on down .

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nashville GoodGuys show video

Hey Hey we had a really nice time at the Good Guys show at Titian's stadium , we found some shade and enjoyed a nice breeze off the river.Tons of cars ,plenty of activities,road racing and a few cold ones
Our friend Gregg was selected as one of the top 50 ,and won a nice trophy from Billet Specialties for top muscle car!!! By the way here is a link to a Youtube video in which Mike's Nova and Gregg's Camaro both appear in so Click on the Title and enjoy!

Got another blog for folks to check out. This blog is for those who have had trouble with builders, equipment, products and such.This gentleman obviously poured a lot of money into a Camaro, with a so called Pro-builder, and was burned !Just my opinion but its sad! Click on the title to view.

I'mmm Back !

Been away from posting for a while now, because of shoulder surgery. Wow I did not realize how painful and just how long recovery would take.I.m just now to the point were i feel like doing a few things, and am on the road to recovery hopefully.Still have some issues and have not been released to full duty at work, so time will heal me up! Hope to have some posts soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jonesboro Carshow

The Jonesboro Lions club puts on this show as a fund raiser each year for their great work !It's an indoor show held in the ASU arena what a nice spot !Mike and Sindy invited Jill and I to go, and it was a really tough time for me because i was still in pain after surgery,and not sleeping well ... I know quit ger whining huh !
The "Lil"Nova did well and raked in a First place award which made it all better !Think Jill found a Mustang she wanted to have ,ha ha !

Goodguys Auto cross

It was a blast watching the Auto Cross at this show , its basically a closed course with tight turns marked off in cones in the parking lot. Any participant could race their car or ride along with pro drivers from many of the sponsor cars such as Ride Tech and Spectre .The cars blast around the track with tires smoking and brakes too!,while the clock records their times. Mike and I begged and pleaded with several drivers to get Greg Duncan in one of the cars as they were gonna shut down early because it was soon to rain. Well we made it happen and he had a fast ride in a slick 68 Camaro,it had to be a thrill ! All types of cars and trucks raced from the "Ring Brothers" bad assed Mustangs to a crazy dude with a 30 model ford that was set up to drag race !

Goodguy Show Nashville

Hey all! Recently returned from the Goodguys Auto show in Nashville .Traveled with Mike Helton and we trailered his Nova. We were invited to stay with the Krueger family in Centerville, which was a lot of fun! Albert took his CJ Jeep to the swap meet in hopes of a quick sale. but it seems the economy is still holding many people back!The little Jeep is a cool ride, complete with a stout 327 and custom paint job.Someone is going to get a great deal on this 4 x 4 ! The show was great my estimate on the number of cars was 1000 to 1500 perhaps.
While at the show we met up with fellow Memphian ,Greg Duncan the owner of the "Blue Devil" a killer 69 Camaro show car . This beauty is absolutely fantastic,and attracts tons of attention!,and although it appears to be a trailer Queen ,Greg drove the car to Nashville,as he has to many events !We were not at all shocked when Gregs Camaro was selected as one of the top cars in the show, and was honored with a trophy from corprate sponsor,"Billet Specialties" for top muscle car.So congrates to Greg for being in the winners circle,or as he referred to it as the Weinners circle! What a cut up he is,and I believe he spoke to every person at the show!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

37 plymouth update

Well Ive been down with a torn rotator cuff and cant do much , so Ive been watching others work ! Mr.Lucky sure has been busy on the old Canadian Plymouth , yep this is an extreme Yankee car ,ha ha . The body has been mated to the frame,the engine is running ,the cool dash is mounted and the wiring is done .
The dash has been wood grained and part of it looks like a small log with growth rings on each end, how creative.Here's Lucky,Kinny and Olivia checking it all out .